Finding space

Often my clients complain that they find it hard to find time for themselves due to their obligations to family, friends, careers, etc. Those who live in big bustling cities often feel as if they’re never alone. Constant crowding of our lives can be both very tiring and detrimental to our physical and mental health.

Below are a few tips to discover extra space in your life.

• Make space in your body: Breathe fully and exhale completely
• Make space for your meals: Take an extra ten minutes for meals; relax and savor your food
• Make space in your day: Leave for an appointment early and walk; enjoy your surroundings as you go
• Make space in your mind: At the end of each day, mentally review the challenges you faced and let them go
• Make space in your home: On a regular basis, clean out cupboards and give away possessions you no longer need
• Make space for others: Show compassion for others looking for space, whether it be a parking place or a spot in yoga class

Most importantly, be present in the moment so you can evaluate whether you need more or less space in various parts of your life.

In addition, several of my clients have found success using positive affirmations such as “I have space” or “I have plenty of time” on the days when they feel particularly overwhelmed. I invite you to try this approach: say the affirmation either in your head or out loud several times throughout the day.


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