Got nourishment?

The great thing about being a health counselor is that I tend to attract clients with the same problems I’m experiencing to a lesser degree. So, while I help them turn around their diet and lifestyle, I can constantly fine tune my own.

Recently one of my clients mentioned she was having a lot of trouble finding time to cook. I was having the same problem: I’m working more than usual and trying to maintain my social life–and my cooking has suffered as has my self-care. Cooking representing nourishments! If you can’t find time to nourish yourself, there’s something wrong.

So I’ve made a pledge to cook one new recipe per week. Guidelines: it has to be able to be reheated for leftovers; it has to contain vegetables; it has to be tasty. Everything else is up for grabs. As I make them, I’ll post the annotated recipes here–it’ll keep me honest.


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