To wash or not to wash? Produce.

A lot of my clients (and friend, family, colleagues; everyone, really) ask me the best ways to keep produce fresh for as long as possible.  We’ve all experienced the feeling of dismay when you open your refrigerator, anticipating crisp, leafy greens… and instead find wilted, brown, unuseable stalks.

The Catch-22 of organic produce is that it doesn’t stay fresh as long–the chemicals sprayed on conventional vegetables and fruits help preserve them once in your house.  This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t eat organic; rather, it just means you may have to shop for produce twice a week versus just once.  Also remember that the minute produce is taken from the ground/tree/stalk, its life energy begins to fade along with its nutrients. To maximize the nutritional benefit of fruits and vegetables, buy local produce (which takes less time to transport to the store and should, therefore, be more fresh) and eat it quickly.

For more specific tips on how to care for your vegetables once you’ve purchased them, check out this blog post.


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