Gluten-Free Restaurants

The New York Times had an article today about the rising popularity of gluten-free options at popular restaurants in Long Island.

Individuals who are allergic to gluten cannot eat grains such as wheat, barley, rye, etc.–if they do, they damage their small intestine. I applaud those restaurants who are making a conscious effort to accomodate gluten-free individuals. Unfortunately, oftentimes at restaurants, the server may say a dish is gluten-free, but in the kitchen the chef may unknowingly/unthinkingly throw in a handful of flour as a thickener or add a dash of teriyaki sauce for flavor.

Good gluten-free options in Manhattan:

Risotteria [one of the most famous gluten-free restaurants in NYC; the offer risotto, pasta, pizza, baked goods, etc.]

S’Mac [they now offer gluten-free macaroni and cheese (the pasta is made with brown rice flour)]

Babycakes [they feature an assortment of wheat-free and gluten-free desserts–their cupcakes are amazing]

Mozzarelli’s [I haven’t been here, but I’ve heard they have great (and inexpensive) gluten-free pizza)

What’s your favorite gluten-free option in NYC?


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