Yoga Journal has a great article this month about people’s fear of different food groups, such as fat and carbs. Because the media is constantly publishing studies that support the latest fad diets, Americans have become confused about what to eat. In his book In Defense of Food, Michael Pollan called this phenomenon “nutritionism”: instead of seeing an apple an as apple, we’re now seeing it in terms of a conglomeration of carbs, fiber, and sugar. Instead of seeing pizza as pizza, we’re seeing it as carbs, fat, and protein. As a result, many of us are afraid to eat entire food groups–many people have given up entire macronutrient food groups (carbs, fat, protein).

The healthiest is a mixed diet filled all three macronutrient groups. Have you noticed you don’t feel well when you eat lots of carbs? Eat less–but don’t give them up entirely. Does lots of fat make you feel sluggish? Eat less–but eat some, your body needs it. For the majority of people, a balance between good fats, lean, protein, whole grains, and fruits and vegetables will ensure quality health for life. Listen to your body–not the media–to determine what you’re craving and what the ideal balance of those food groups is for you.


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