When the cat is away…

The New York Times has been busy in my absence!  They have a few great wellness articles–check them out!

  • Paul Chen writes about the tyranny of diagnosis:  how, once a doctor diagnoses an illness, s/he often stops asking the patients about other symptoms.  So, the diagnoses often serves as a hindrance, not a help, especially for those with difficult to determine maladies.
  • Catherine Price explains what to look for when buying eggs: We’ve all been in the same situation in the dairy aisle–do I want organic? free-range? with added omega-3s? vegetarian? what are chickens even supposed to eat?! This article demystifies all of the terms being thrown around on packaging these days.
  • Tara Parker-Pope investigates a new trend called positive eating: men and women who shun traditional dieting, calorie counting, and guilt, and instead focus on adding healthy, whole foods into their diets.  (Sound familiar? Intrigued? contact me.)

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