Feeling sickish?

Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like everyone I know is sick. New York City has become a petrie dish: strains of bronchitis, stomach virii, the common cold… it’s getting ridiculous. And it’s not just here; everyone I talk to out of state is sick too.

Often, we get sick because our immune systems are weakened by stress and fatigue. In today’s fast-paced, society, we’re expected to go go go at all times. Eventually, the body will force you to rest by manifesting symptoms–sore throat, congestion, fever, etc.

Some advice: Stay home. If you don’t feel well, don’t rally and try to go to work/go to that party/go shopping. One day of rest at the beginning can make a world of difference. I was at a party this weekend where THREE people had bronchitis. I’m in no way a germaphobe–but that’s not a good idea. Not only were they possibly spreading their illness to me, but they weren’t allowing their body to rest. To sum it up: you can either rest at the beginning and cut down the total time you’re sick; or you wan try to warrior through it and feel miserable for longer.

More advice: Try this ayurvedic tonic. I recommend it to all my friends are sick. Some are put off by the garlic; but those that have tried it, swear by it. Be brave! It’s just a little garlic. You’ll feel a LOT better the next day.
* 2-3 cloves garlic minced
* 2-3 inches fresh ginger root chopped
* juice of one lemon
* 1-2 tsp honey

1. Place the chopped garlic and ginger root in a mug.
2. Pour boiling water over them.
3. Let them sit for 20-30 minutes.
4. Strain, keeping the water.
5. Stir in the lemon juice and honey.
6. Drink.

The garlic has potent antibacterial properties, ginger is warming, and the lemon flushes out your kidneys… even honey has cleansing properties! Do this at night–not too late, as the garlic is stimulating and may keep you up.


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