Eat Your Breakfast!


Yoga Journal recently posted an article on the importance of eating a protein-filled breakfast. Over the years, I’ve noticed that many of my clients who have trouble losing weight or have out-of-control cravings have one thing in common: either they don’t each breakfast at all, or their morning meal consists of a bagel or muffin purchased on the way to work.

We’ve all read it’s important to eat a meal in the morning — it helps keep your blood sugar stable, reduces hunegr thoroughout the day and, for most people, creates a sense of structure and balance in the morning. What you perhaps didn’t know is that it’s key to have protein and complex carbohydrates for breakfast. A slice of toast and coffee won’t cut it most days.

Five quick and easy healthy breakfasts that I often recommend to my clients:

— Brown rice cakes spread with natural peanut or almond butter
— Scrambled eggs on sprouted grain toast
— Breakfast burrito with whole wheat tortilla, scrambled eggs, and sauted vegetables
— Oatmeal with almonds, flaxseed, and agave nectar
— High quality protein shake (I’m a fan of Vega, which is a plants based, whole food powder full of protein, fiber, and most vitamins; I like to make mine with almond, soy, or hemp milk).


3 thoughts on “Eat Your Breakfast!

  1. FoodRenegade says:

    We eat breakfast smoothies all the time. We’re also a fan of “green” smoothies. It’s so easy to add some leafy green kale into the mix, and you don’t even taste it.

    We don’t do protein powders, though. Instead we add soaked nuts or nut butters, raw eggs, and raw milk/kefir/yogurt to up the protien.

    (AKA FoodRenegade)

  2. Michelle @ What Does Your Body Good? says:

    Hi Hadley! I found you through the Nourishing Traditions blog. I’m at IIN right now and loving it. I’d love to hear how it’s going for you as a counselor.

    To comment on your post, today I had a bowl of quinoa porridge for breakfast. Usually I have oats or millet but I think today I got an extra boost from the quinoa’s protein–I wasn’t hungry for lunch until 2:00!

  3. Mark Fancher says:

    hemp milk…wooooooord.

    I tried the brown rice cakes with almond butter. Really good. I’m going to start keeping a package and jar at my desk for snacks during the day.

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