Stay Healthy, Save Money


The March 2009 issue of Natural Solutions magazine has a great article, “31 Ways to Save Money and Stay Healthy”.  My favorite tips, along with my added suggestions:

  • Let a new therapist practice on you.  In many cities, there are massage therapy or acupuncture schools that offer deeply discounted rates for you to work with their advanced students.  For example, the Swedish Institute in NYC offers both massage therapy and massage clinics throughout the year.  Last fall, I did a 10-session package with a student and had an amazing experience.
  • BYO coffee and lunch to work. Ever wonder where you money goes? Double check those receipts for $8 salads from the nearby deli and you’ll start to understand! My favorite quick and easy lunch option is homemade soup: I make a big batch of it ahead of time, freeze it in individual portions, and then take it (frozen) to work with me. I can heat it up when I’m ready and since it’s frozen, there’s less of a chance it’ll spill en route.
  • Shop when the stores are least crowded.  Most of us are too busy fighting through the aisles of crowded stores to properly look for bargains.  For stores that are known for being crowded (like Trader Joe’s), I try to shop later in the evening, a few minutes before they close.  When that’s not possible, I buy the bulk of my groceries online from Fresh Direct. Not only does it save me time and money, but I can more thoughtfully decide what I want for the week.

Want more helpful tips? Tune in to my FREE March Teleclass — “How to Stay Healthy During a Recession” on March 18th.

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