Recharge your fitness routine! (part one)

day-1While I’m away on vacation, fitness guru Melissa Davison will be blogging about how to recharge your workout routine. Want more advice? Check out her blog.

Hi! I’m Melissa.  Over the years, I have become quite the fitness fanatic.  I am always on the lookout for a fun new class or workout to keep things fun.  I know that not everyone looks forward to working out, so I thought I would share my top ten tips for recharging your fitness routine.

  • Music. There is nothing that will get me to the gym faster than having new music on my ipod—I get excited just thinking about testing out the tunes on the treadmill. My blog has several playlists and a sidebar list of some of my favorite workout songs.  But one of my favorite ways to find new music is to swap mixed workout CDs with a friend-plus it’s free!
  • Team up! Whether you start a running group with some friends, people in your building or neighborhood or with coworkers, having people that are depending on you will help you stay committed and make the miles or minutes fly by!If you are looking to meet new people, running clubs (such as the free ones hosted by Nike Town) or any of the local Road Runners Clubs -which are found in almost every state–are a great way to get affordable high quality coaching and make new fitness-minded friends.

If you are looking for a more recreational form of exercise, try a social sports club, such as Zogsports that has co-ed sports teams for young professionals—they offer everything from basketball to kickball.

  • Try something that scares you.  Sometimes you need to go out on the limb to see what you are capable of, whether it is a striptease class, warrior boot camp or a rebounding class, pick something that both challenges you and excites you and go for it!
  • Too busy? Committing to making exercise a part of your life will pay off down the road in spades by keeping you young, healthy, happy and more active down the road.  And you don’t have to go to the gym, just try to fit in 10-minutes morning, noon and night. That can be 10 minutes jogging in place while watching the news, a 10 minute power walk at lunch and 10 minutes of sit-ups, lunges, squats and pushups during prime time TV commercial breaks.  Believe me, once you get in this routine, it will become completely second nature.
  • Go Natural.  The recent buzzword for this is N.E.A.T. (NON-EXERCISE ACTIVITY THERMOGENESIS).. Basically, it just means that normal activities (folding laundry, taking the stairs, shopping) count as exercise and make a difference to your overall health.  Pump it up a notch by making a point of being a mover—fidget, take breaks to walk around the office every hour, stand on the subway, ALWAYS take the stairs when it’s less than 5 flights, clean with vigor, walk like you are late even if you are early!

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