Recharge your fitness routine! (part two)

Today we continue part two of Melissa Davison’s fitness tips. For more tips, check out her blog, which she updates regularly.

I hope you found part 1 to be fun.  Are you ready for more?  Tackle tips 6-10 and you should be having more fun with fitness before you know it.

  • Set a goal. This is one of the best ways to keep you consistently motivated.  Sign up for a 5K even if you have never run half a mile, you can get there if you give yourself time and make a plan.  Or try the 100 push up challenge.Or set sights even higher and consider doing a marathon, triathlon or century ride. I highly recommend joining Team in Training, a charity organization which trains people to complete endurance events while raising money for blood cancers.  They provide everything you need, amazing coaching, a great support team of both first time and seasoned athletes, social activities and a full-proof training plan that take you from your first mile at practice to the last .2 of your 26.2 on race day. Team in Training made running my first marathon easier and more enjoyable than I could have ever anticipated.
  • Invest in some one-on-one training. I don’t mean shelling out lots of money; I mean buying some DVDs and downloading some coached workouts.  I am a workout DVD fan and 30-Day Shred with Jillian Michaels is my current hard-core favorite.If you can’t get excited about working out in your living room, I have found Nike+Sport Coached Workouts available at the iTunes store to be an invaluable resource for busting treadmill boredom.  I truly love my Serena Williams Spontaneous Speed Interval Run and Master the Treadmill with OKGO workouts. This month Shape magazine is offering a free audio running workout coached by Serena Williams–download it today, try it tonight!

For the yogis check out,, and for free audio and video yoga workouts.

  • Celebspiration. Perez Hilton is a fun read, but put your celeb-obsession to good use by copying their workout regimens.  Find a gym, studio or DVD that offers celeb-inspired fitness routines.  Here are a few ideas to get you going:

o Physique 57 (Kelly Ripa)

o Core Fusion Exhale-DVDs available (Heidi Klum)

o Yogahop (Reese Witherspoon)

o Tracy Anderson Method (Gwen Paltrow and Madonna)-DVDs available

o Cardio Barre (Melissa Joan Hart)

  • Break it Down. Dance workouts are hotter than ever, and the best part is, they feel like fun, not work! Tired of hip hop? Try Zumba, Masala Bhangra or Belly Dancing. You can find just about any kind of dance workouts at a local gym (Crunch gyms are known for their dance classes), on DVDs or at a nearby dance studio or just turn up the music and throw a dance party in your room!

  • Begin with the end in mind aka have a plan.  I always find it helpful to chart out my goals for the workout ahead of time.  Having a goal for distance, time or strength helps to keep me focused.  Especially on the treadmill, if you are thinking about changing your speed and incline frequently, you will hardly notice that you are, well, running on a treadmill.  CarrotsnCake has a great list of workouts.

  • Remember: You will never regret taking the time to do a workout, and you will almost certainly feel better when you’re done then when you started—if only because you are glad it’s over!

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