This one’s for the ladies…


This month’s Women’s Health magazine has a story on how to look good naked, or at least look good in a skimpy bikini. (Their recommendations: shave, care for your bikini line, fake a tan, and smooth out cellulite with fancy creams.)

Today I’m going to give you tips on how to feel good naked. Not only when you’re with the special someone, but also when you’re alone. As women, we’re programmed to always focus on our imperfections — I can’t fit into size 2 jeans, why is that little bit of flab on my arm!, if I only could just lose 5 lbs…– and all of this chatter stops us from being able to love our bodies for what they are.

Instead of focusing on your imperfections (hey, only a dozen women in the world look like supermodels — and only with the help of highly trained makeup artists and airbrushing gurus), these next few tips will help you reset your mindset and start to see your body as something to love.

  • Spend a lot of time naked. This is especially important for those of you who got nervous just reading that sentence. Seriously, spend time naked! Sleep naked, walk around your home naked, read naked, take extra long showers since you’re already naked! No matter how you want to go about it — face your fears and spend some time with yourself in the buff.
  • Don’t judge. Since you’re going to be spending so much of your time naked going forward, make a promise that you won’t judge yourself for imperfections during these moments. If you start to hear the chatter (why aren’t my arms as tiny as Victoria Beckham’s??!), cancel out those negative thoughts by saying (out loud if possible, but if not, in your head) “I am beautiful” or “I am perfect” or “I accept myself as I am”.
  • Love up your body. We all have those trouble spots that we spend time obsessing about. Whatever your top concern is (love handles, muffin top, big arms, small arms, small neck, giant feet — whatever!) —  love up that part of your body. Instead of sending hateful messages to that area, each night before bed spend a few minutes massaging that area and thinking positively about it. For example, if you spend most of your day wishing your lower belly was just a little bit smaller, at night reverse that energy and go to sleep with your hands on your belly, gently moving your hands in circles. You can also use the affirmations above for this exercise.

Trust me, if you do all three of these things regularly, you will start to feel HOT naked.  After that, you can start tackling the  shaving and the creams and the cellulite.


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