A Night at Blue Hill


Last night, I had dinner with some girlfriends at one of my favorite New York restaurants: Blue Hill.

This West Village staple is all about organic, local foods. In fact, many of the meats and vegetables come from chef Dan Barber’s biodynamic upstate farm. They offer seasonal dishes that are simple, yet inventive. (Apparently, this also appeals to the Obamas, as they had just left the restaurant when we arrived).

I’ve never had a bad meal at Blue Hill — and I’ve always had a great time. The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly, always happy to answer all my questions about items on the menu, which is constantly changing.

Last night’s menu was heavy on ramps and fiddlehead ferns, both of which are in season right now. I love both, so was excited to try everything. They brought us a glass of sparkling white wine, which was almost apricot in colour — really lovely.

I started with ravioli filled with spinach and ramps, covered in tiny slivers of salami and crushed potatoes. Delicious! Next, I had the spring chicken pot au feu, which was just okay. I generally love their chicken — they sous vide it so it’s very tender and flavorful. This chicken had a great texture, but I wasn’t a fan of the flavors in the broth — it was very garlicky and somewhat bitter. I had a glass of Nebbiolo with it (I know, I know, I should have been drinking a white wine with chicken, but none of the white wines appealed to me).

My friend ordered Emmer (a barley-like grain) and Quinoa with Veal, Ramps, and Stinging Nettles, which was AMAZING. Hands down the best thing anyone ordered that night. I was kicking myself for not choosing that myself!

For dessert, the three of us shared two desserts: chocolate bread pudding with vanilla ice cream (delish!) and fresh strawberries with semolina pudding and fromage blanc sorbet. Both were great.

We tried to find out what the Obamas ate for their dinner, but were told that Chef Dan made them a special tasting menu (and they wouldn’t specify further). Still, it was fun to be in the same restaurant in which they had just eaten.

So to sum it up: Amazing food. Amazing time. I look forward to going back. You should all check it out!


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