Planning ahead


People often ask me the trick to eating healthy while still living a busy lifestyle.  Most of us don’t have the luxury of cooking three meals a day using all organic ingredients!

My answer is invariably: you have to plan ahead.  This is the most important tenet of living a healthy lifestyle (unless, of course, you have a personal chef to cater to your every whim all day long!)

Some tips to get you thinking about how you can best plan ahead:

  • Set a day for shopping and cooking.  Have a hellish week coming up? Devote part of Sunday to buying groceries and cooking one or more meals to get you through the week.
  • Cook once, eat twice.  For those nights when you have time to cook, double the portion and take the leftovers to work for lunch later in the week.
  • Don’t go grocery shopping without a list.  Instead of wandering aimlessly through the store hoping something will catch your fancy (we’ve all been there!) — always go armed with a list of at least some of the ingredients you know you’ll need that week.  For those of you in New York City, I highly recommend Fresh Direct: I’ve found it much easier to meal plan when I can see what’s in my ‘cart’ and add to it throughout the week.
  • BYOS.  Always have snacks with you!  It’s much easier to resist the 3pm cookie platter if you have a delicious snack, such as almonds or coconut brownie bites,  hidden in your desk.

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