Go Organic?


Recently, the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine released a report indicating there is no real nutritional difference organic and conventionally produced food. I got a LOT of e-mails from readers asking what this meant — should they switch back to conventional and save the extra money?

Well, not so fast. There are several other studies that show they’re ARE nutritional benefits to organic food. Specifically, organic foods, when compared with their conventionally grown counterparts, can have up to 30% more antioxidants, more good fats (CLAs, from organic meat), and more vitamins C and A, zinc, and iron.

Not convinced? Think about all the pesticides being used on crops today. Do you really want those in your body? Studies show that pregnant women and small children are the most vulnerable to long-term damage from these chemicals.

This doesn’t mean you have to buy 100% organic food, all the time. Most people can’t afford to, myself included. My rule of thumb: I try to go organic for the fruits and vegetables I eat the most or for foods I know are heavily contaminated (click here for a list of the ‘dirty dozen’ foods you should always get organic).

The bottom line? Organic or not, eat your fruits and vegetables! They’re the foundation of a healthy diet. So, yes, while an organic apple might have more flavanoids, taste better and have fewer chemical toxins — a conventional apple is better than none.


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