A lot of you have asked what blogs I read on a daily basis.  First off, for those of you who don’t know about Google Reader — it’s amazing.  There’s absolutely no way I could stay on top of my reading without it. It’s very simple to use — you just enter in the URLs of the blogs you like and everytime they’re updated, it will show you the new posts. So, instead of ever visiting a single blog again, you can just visit on location and see them all! This is particularly helpful for blogs that aren’t updated every day.

On to how I keep myself busy:


David Leibovitz — The personal blog of this acclaimed pastry chef who is currently living in Paris.  Part dessert-making techniques (with lovely pictures), part travelogue — this blog is a great way to start your day.

Eat Live Run — Jenna, who is a trained baker and health enthusiast, blogs about all that she eats.  She has some great ideas for healthy meals, accompanied by great pictures. I love her realistic approach to healthy eating.

Well — Tara Parker-Pope’s New York Times blog on wellness.  She’s been on a bit of a running tangent lately–as she’s training for a marathon–and I’ll be happy once that’s over!  But, it’s a great resource for what’s going on in the world of health and medicine.

101 Cookbooks — Hands down, my favorite source for recipes. I get excited every time chef Heidi Swanson posts a new one!

Choosing Raw — Gena is a raw foodist whose mission it is to make eating vegan and raw as accesible as possible. She posts some fab recipes! (Bonus: She’ll be guest blogging here in a few weeks–stay tuned).

UltraWellness — Dr. Marc Hyman’s blog about functional wellness. He explains health concerns in an easy-to-understand way and makes specific tips to start the healing process.

Tartelette — I admit it, I read this just to ooh and ahh over beautiful pics of delish desserts served up by Helen, a French expat living in South Carolina.  While I’m at it, I also like to swoon over Smitten Kitchen‘s pictures and recipes.


Experiments in Lifestyle Design — The blog of Tim Ferris, author of the Four-Hour Work Week (which, if you haven’t read, you should).  He provides helpful tips to re-think your life so you have time for what matters.

Keith Ferrazzi — The blog of the bestselling author of “Never Eat Alone,” which transformed social networking. I find this incredibly helpful as an entreupreneur, but it’s also great for people who want to know a lot more people.

Thrive — A personal finance blog for people in their 20s and 30s.  It’s chock full of helpful tips on everything from your credit score to how to pick the perfect savings account.


When I have some time to waste, I love checking out Jezebel for celebrity and political gossip and Daily Intel, New York magazine’s blog, for NYC-centered info.


3 thoughts on “Blogging

  1. Sarah-Two Blue Lemons says:

    Hi Hadley! So happy I found your site, I’m planning on attending the IIN this upcoming year and am so excited about it! My sister & I write a vegan/vegetarian blog,, please check it out!

  2. Sheri says:

    This is great! I have been overwhelmed trying to keep up with reading all of the blogs that interest me. I went to Google Reader today and loaded them all into the website. Thank you for sharing!!

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