Mango Salsa


My best friend who lives in Miami recently sent me a fabulous recipe for mango salsa.  It’s perfect paired with tortilla chips or grilled flatbread.

1. Peel and chop 3 ripe mangoes into small pieces and place in mixing bowl.
2. Chop one half of a red onion and add to chopped mango.
3. Chop up one bunch of cilantro (add more or less depending on your taste). Add to mango bowl.
4. De-seed and chop three medium jalapenos- or more if you prefer a very hot salsa, less if you prefer mild.  Add to mango bowl.
5. Squeeze the juice of one and a half (or two) lemons over all of the ingredients. Mix ingredients and allow salsa to marinate for at least a half hour before serving.


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