Healthy Eating, Brooklyn Style


My friend Andrea, who is also a Holistic Health Counselor and a member of the soon-to-be-launched Spark! Wellness group, writes a fabulous blog called Moss Wellness. She recently moved to Brooklyn and agreed to share some of her favorite Brooklyn spots with HadleyHolistics readers!

I recently moved from Manhattan to Park Slope, Brooklyn. Over the past few months, I have been having a ball trying out all of the restaurants in my new ‘hood.  As a  holistic health counselor, I am always seeking out nutritious, healthy eats. As a foodie (and former restaurant reviewer), it has to taste great too! Here is a list of my favorite Brooklyn restaurants that get it right: they all do a fab job creating nutritious cuisine that hits the right flavor notes, too.

  • Get Fresh — I am blessed to have this farm-fresh restaurant right around the corner from my house. Their new-American menu focuses on using local, organic ingredients and cooks up a mean brunch (with a Mexican flare!). Their organic huevos rancheros — soft corn tortillas topped with organic eggs, heirloom beans, and tomatillo salsa — is probably my favorite breakfast choice.  Although the breakfast burrito (filled with Mexican rice, heirloom beans, scrambled eggs, farmstead cheddar, chipotle salsa, and braised, humanely-raised pork) comes in at a close second! And the owner, Juvenito, is friendly, helpful, and clearly invested in providing his community with real food.
  • Rose Water — New York Magazine said about this restaurant, “If Brooklyn is our Berkeley, then Rose Water is our Chez Panisse.” I love that. This Mediterranean resto, like Panisse, focuses on using organic, local, seasonal, and sustainably-raised meats in their menu. And not only are their dishes delicious, but they’re really creative, too:  previous menu selections have included “lightly smoked duck breast with asparagus, creamed corn, red oak, and jasmine tea glaze,” and “roasted leg of lamb with cannellini bean puree, spigarello, harissa, and sorrel pesto.” I had to look up with spigarello was (a variety of broccoli), and when I get to look up new veggies that I find on a menu, I’m pleasantly intrigued.
  • Second Helpings — This place isn’t fancy, but it gets the job done: fresh juices, gluten-free and naturally-sweetned desserts, free-range roast chicken, and a great selection of seasonal salads and sides: Indian lentil cakes, roasted Brussels sprouts, beet salad, Senegalese peanut stew. They make tasty sandwiches and serve other interesting main courses too: toasted salmon, gluten-free yuba manicotti, and free-range turkey meatloaf. This is one of my favorite lunch spots and great for easy evening take-out.
  • Fatoosh — I’m in love with Middle Eastern food and Fatoosh makes it easy (and affordable) to stock up on super fresh, delectable, and healthy Mid-East fare. I like to serve their hummus, stuffed grape leaves, and baba ghanoush at parties. I snack on their chick pea salads or tabouli. Their “combo plate” of 5 different salads/spreads makes for a very filling lunch and relatively inexpensive dinner. They just started offering whole wheat pitas, too, which come out freshly baked and piping hot.

Restaurant into:

Get Fresh: 370 5th Avenue between 5th and 6th Streets, (718.360.8469)

Rose Water: 787 Union Street at 6th Avenue, 718.783.3800

Second Helpings: 448 9th Street between 7th and 8th Avenues, 718.965.1925

Fatoosh: 437 5th Avenue between 8th and 9th Streets, 718.369.0606


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