Day 2: Hydrate!


This is part of a series of posts called “14 Days to a Healthier You”

Almost 70% of our body weight is comprised of water. Our brains are 85% water and even part of our bone mass is comprised of water. So guess what:   you have to drink water to maintain good health!
I’ll admit:  I’m not a big fan of water.  I don’t mind it but I’m not one of those people who always has a water bottle with me so I can glug away all day. Nonetheless, I make an active attempt every single day to drink lots of water.
There are a lot of benefits of drinking water; below are a few:
  • Flush out toxins — Water helps your kidneys do their job, cleansing your body of impurities.  (If you eat a high protein/low carb diet, make sure you drink LOTS of water, as large amounts of protein can tax your kidneys).
  • Promote circulation of blood –This is not only good for your cardiovascular health, but also great for your skin!
  • Lose weight — Your body doesn’t really know the difference between thirst and hunger signals.  So sometimes when you experience mild hunger, you’re actually thirsty. Drink plenty of water and you’ll probably feel less hungry.

There’s no amount every single person should drink.  The whole 8 glasses of water a day is just an estimation.  Try drinking that many classes per day — if it seems like a lot and you feel like you’re swimming in your own skin, drink a bit less. If you’re still thirsty, drink more.

For those of you who, like me, aren’t the biggest fan of water, try infusing it with fruit to give it a slight flavor.  My favorites are lemon, cucumber, or strawberries. Throw some cut up fruit in a pitcher of water; after an hour, voila!

RECOMMENDATION:  Over three days, track how many glasses of water you currently drink.  On Day 4, add one extra glass and see how you feel.


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