Day 5: Get with the Rhythm!


This is part of a series of blog posts called “14 Days to a Healthier You”

One of my teachers, Marc David, wrote a fabulous book called The Slow Down Diet, which is one of my go-to resources. In it, he says, “Master rhythm and you master metabolism”.

Wait, what?

Our bodies are hardwired to follow different rhythms—our heart beats, our hormonal systems, and breathing—all follow specific rhythms. Our metabolism also follows a precise rhythm: it increases and decreases as the sun rises and sets. When we sleep, our metabolism slows down and our core temperature drops. As soon as you wake up each morning, your core body temperature (and thus your metabolism) begins to rise. It continues to rise and peaks around noon (when the sun also reaches its apex), after which it begins its descent for the evening cool down.

Okay, so what does this mean for me?

It’s logical that we should eat our biggest meals when our metabolic power is strongest—meaning, of course, that breakfast and lunch should be our powerhouse meals. Dinner, on the other hand, should be something smaller, lighter, and easy to digest, so as not to tax your digestive system as it works to shut down for the evening.

Often my clients find that once they re-arrange their eating schedule to place more caloric and nutritional emphasis on the earlier portion of the day, they have more energy, feel lighter, and lose weight more easily.

RECOMMENDATION: For the next week, try having larger breakfasts and lunches and a small dinner. (Even a 10% increase/decrease can help). See this post for ideas for healthy, hearty breakfasts. For lunch, try to include protein, whole grains, vegetables, and a good fat (such as avocado or coconut milk).


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