Pure Market Express


I love raw foods–and adore the way they make me feel–but am generally too lazy to actually *prep* delectable, delicious raw meals for myself. Enter Pure Market Express, a new raw food delivery service based in Minneapolis. They were kind enough to send me a days worth of treats to sample. They offer super fast, nationwide shipping, so it arrived the day after I got my confirmation order email! (See here for their take on why raw is good).


It arrived around 3pm at my office, which was perfect timing because I was starving but had forgotten to pack a snack. I impatiently opened the box only to discover four lovely dishes, all individually packed and kept cool with dry ice.


I decided to immediately dive into the chili-lime crackers with cilantro jalapeno “cheese”. My colleagues came in to see what all the commotion was about and got to sample them as well!


Everyone loved them and they didn’t last long! The crackers had a nice texture and the cheese tasted surprisingly like actual cheese dip! The jalapeno gave it a nice kick and the cilantro was nice and tangy. My colleagues are definitely *not* health foodists and kept asking — but how can this be raw? it tastes like cheese and crackers! Definitely a hit.

Next up were the donut holes, which I had seen online and eagerly anticipated trying.

donut holes

(It’s a terrible picture, I know, but they went quickly). These were AMAZING. My favorite of all the dishes. They were moist and rich — and tasted just like Dunkin’ Donut Munchkins. I was totally floored at how delicious and donut hole-like they were.

The next day for lunch, I decided to have the lasagna, which was good — but not as good as that at Pure Food and Wine. (Though maybe I’m biased because I do love that one).


(Again, a terrible picture, but it was quite delicious.) This is all I had for lunch and felt quite full — though not uncomfortably so — for most of the afternoon.

When I finally was ready for a snack, I busted out the chocolate cheesecake. My colleagues who had seen it the day before kept stopping bu to see if I had opened it yet.


This was delish. Very rich and coconut-y. I gave everyone a bite or two, which was plenty! It was almost like eating a truffle — on my own, this definitely would have lasted for at least three meals.

Even though I only ate raw for two meals, I felt like I had extra energy those days and didn’t experience any cravings. I also felt more hydrated.

Final verdict: I would totally try Pure Market Express again. They have a weekly rate that is $175 for 25 dishes — which I think is reasonable for a splurge. I’m sure it would cost that much, if not more, to make your own organic, raw dishes. I’ll definitely try it again if I decide to go raw for a week to help my body detox!


3 thoughts on “Pure Market Express

  1. Lauren says:

    How cool is that? I’ve seen a few bloggers post about this. My main problem with raw foods is making it taste good. I love raw food from restaurants, but the prep work is too much for me at home. I wish they’d send me some samples!!

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