Purely Elizabeth’s Apple Spice Muffin


It’s my first week of a new job, so I decided to make some muffins for my new colleagues. Since I had such a good experience with Pure Elizabeth’s Ultimate Cacao Muffin mix last week, I decided to give their Apple Spice Muffin mix a try.

Recap: Purely Elizabeth is a new company created by fellow holistic health counselor Elizabeth Stein. Their mixes are gluten, wheat, dairy, and sugar-free—which is like heaven for me. Instead of all that bad stuff, instead it’s chock full of whole grains, fiber, and superfoods like chia and hemp seeds. To seal the deal, they donate 2% of their profits to one of three non-profits dedicated to creating a healthy global population and planet. They kindly sent me three of their mixes to try out.

I’m a lazy, but also discriminating, baker. I don’t keep a lot of baking ingredients around the house, so it’s perfect for me to use a mix when the baking bug bites me. For the Apple Spice muffins, I added to add one egg, vanilla, olive oil, and maple syrup. (Which I actually didn’t have on hand, so I swapped in agave nectar). I also added one apple, dieced, which is SO much better than using dehydrated fruit like other mixes. 20 minutes later, I had a dozen beautiful muffins ready to be enjoyed!

I could tell these muffins would be delicious as soon as I opened the bag. Instantly the smell of cinnamon and spices hit me. As previously noted, I’m a major fan of eating uncooked batter. (I often prefer it to the final result, in fact). But gluten-free batters are usually AWFUL. Surpsisingly, this batter was actually _good_. Actually, I wish it hadn’t been _so_ delicious because I ate about a muffin’s worth while waiting for the oven to pre-heat! The muffins themselves were also good, full of soft bits of apple and definitely appropriate for the cold weather we’re having.

So, once again, I was pleasantly surprised by this mix. These muffins were more moist than the Ultimate Cacao muffins, perhaps because of the apples The only complaint I have is that they were a tad bit crumbly—I’m not sure if they’ll actually make it into work intact

I can’t wait to try the pancake mix, but am definitely saving that for a special occasion.


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