Are you ready to detox?

As many of you know, every January I do a detox. I’m not talking about a crazy lemonade fast or cabbage soup diet. I’m talking about a gentle cleanse that gives my body a break, releases some of the toxicity I inevitable build up duirng the year (and especially over the holidays!), and helps me regain physical and mental balance.

This year, I’m pleased to invite YOU to join me.

The Spark! Wellness holistic health team has joined forces with clinical nutritionist and raw food coach Gena Hamshaw to develop a 10-day cleanse. We realize that our participants will have varying goals and habits, and so we’ve developed three unique levels for the program.

* Level 1 focuses on gently reducing inflammation in the body caused by hidden food allergies or sensitivities, as well as discovering what foods each person’s body does not tolerate well. By the end, participants will have more energy, feel lighter, and have a deeper understanding of how food affects their bodies. This cleanse is designed for detox newbies or who currently eat a diet high in meat, dairy, sugar, processed foods, and/or caffeine.

* Level 2 takes it one step further to help you reboot your metabolism by detoxing from common allergens and addictive foods, while adding several supplements along the way to help support your body for a deeper cleanse. Participants will boost energy levels and reduce toxic internal inflammation by taking a break from foods that are difficult for our systems to digest. This is a great cleanse for those who already eat moderately healthy and are ready to take their wellness, energy levels, and metabolism to the next level.

* Level 3 focuses on restoring the body’s alkalinity, in enhancing elimination and digestive health, and on awakening stored toxins with raw, plant based foods and vegetable juice. It will be a user-friendly introduction to raw foods and how to implement them. Participants can opt for either a high-raw or a semi-raw, all vegan protocol. This is a perfect cleanse for those who have some familiarity with an all plant-based diet, but who are seeking to enhance digestive health and break lingering addictions to processed foods and animal products. It’s also a perfect option for those who have dabbled in raw foods and juicing, but need some guidance in maintaining consistency into 2010.

Each level of the cleanse will be thoroughly outlined with meal plans, recipe suggestions, recommendations for supplementation, and tips for healthy detox. To ensure extra support, we’ll be offering support for all detox participants in the form of thirty minute conference calls and unlimited access to a group forum.

Are you ready to make 2010 your healthiest year yet?

We are hosting a free teleclass on the benefits of a cleanse, as well as details of the program, on January 6 at 8 pm. E-mail us to sign up.

Ready to commit? Here’s the best part: we’re offering a special discount for people who sign up before 12/31. Regular cost of participation is $60. Register today and only pay $50. Sign up with a friend or loved on, and you each get $5 off.

Outcomes of the 10-day cleanse include:

* Reset your body’s metabolism

* Get rid of toxins

* Reduce inflammation

* Lose ‘fluff’ weight

* Feel lighter & reducing bloating

* Learn about new and healthy foods you enjoy eating

* Improve digestion

* Clear up your skin

* Increase energy

* Give your body a chance to heal

* Get the detox ‘glow’

* Revitalize your diet and your life by breaking out of negative thinking and unhealthy patterns


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