12-Week Core Vitality Fitness Program

As I’ve mentioned here before, this winter/spring I’m determined to move my body more. Over the fall, my life sort of got in the way of me doing much of anything. So I’ve joined a new gym and am back on the saddle.

This is all good and well, but it’s become clear to me that some guidance would be helpful. It’s great if I run my heart out on the treadmill every day — but I’m pretty sure I should be doing something more, if only to cross train and not injure myself.  Plus, I’d really like to strengthen my core–but not through hours of sits ups.

Enter the Countdown to Summer Challenge: a 12-week fitness program led by my fellow Spark! practitioner, Veronica.  She’s a personal trainer slash yoga instructor slash pilates instructor slash group fitness instructor… and a licensed massage therapist to boot! Her whole thing that our bodies are built to move — so we should all discover the ways we *like* to move so that we’ll move them more!

What each group member receives:

  • Six 1.5 hour group sessions that include setting and tracking goals, strategies for the week ahead, and a workout
  • Core intensive cardiovascular, strength, flexibility, and balance training
  • Weekly exercise plan
  • Individualized e-mail support from Veronica twice per week
  • Support from fellow challengers [this is a biggie for me — I won’t feel like I’m all on my 0wn!]
  • Workout log
  • Heart rate monitor

…quite a list!  The group is capped at 15 people, so there will be plenty of personal attention along the way — which I definitely need because I’m totally clueless when it comes to non-cardio stuff. I’m also excited to get a weekly exercise plan so that I can start adding core training into my existing workout routines.

Best of all, this group series is developed for people with a range of goals, from weight loss to general fitness to getting more toned to increased endurance or flexibility. It’s appropriate for anyone with any fitness goals, big or small

Group sessions will be held Sunday afternoons from 1.30-3pm on 3/7, 3/21, 4/4, 4/18, 5/2, 5/23.

E-mail Veronica for more details or to sign up. (Better hurry! I signed up the minute I heard about it, so now there are only 14 spots left!) Clients of Spark! Wellness receive $100 off if they sign up by February 28th. Anyone who signs up with a friend saves $50.

So who’s in???


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