A success!

As many of you know, last month Spark! Wellness teamed up with Gena from choosingraw.com to lead a 10-day, 3-level detox. There was a lot of excitement–and nervousness–as we headed into the cleanse but… it was a success! All the participants did an amazing job throughout, asked great questions, and learned a lot about themselves in the process.

And if you don’t believe me, ask them!

“I participated in the January 2010 Winter Detox with Hadley at Spark! Wellness and had such a wonderful experience! The cleanse packet of instructions was very well laid out so there were no surprises and I knew exactly what to expect. I’ve done cleanses in the past but what made this so successful for me was the daily check-in from Hadley, the journaling questions and the group forum. It was really helpful to touch base with my fellow cleansers and hear everyone else’s challenges, be supported and support others through the process. It’s been two days since the cleanse ended and I have not felt the need to reintroduce any of the foods I have taken out. I feel too good to want alcohol, caffeine, white flour, dairy or sugar in my body! I have so much energy, a clear head and have lost 8 pounds! The program was so easy to follow, very gentle with no feeling of deprivation or hunger. I truly feel I have made lasting changes to my health and wellness.”

— Level 1 Cleanser

“This 10 day cleanse was a wonderful experience. The support was fantastic even before the cleanse began. As it unfolded, Andrea was with us every step of the way to answer questions, guide us, encourage us and empower us. I sincerely enjoyed learning new ways to prepare foods as well as learning to prepare foods for the first time. I felt great every day. My energy level was high and more importantly steady. There were no deep fluctuations that I have grown so accustomed to. I realize now I do not need to accept these peaks and valleys in my daily stamina. My mental clarity improved as did my sense of well being. Admittedly, I was nervous to start the cleanse. Looking back now, it is way more scary to continue eating all the processed, mass produced foods that were normal in my diet. This was truly an eye opening, healthy and very enjoyable experience.”

— Level 2 Cleanser

“i had a wonderful experience doing the level three cleanse. gena was warm, supportive, well-informed, and professional. the on-line forum was fun, informative, interesting. the group phone calls were fun and informative. the food was delicious!! i would not have had the courage and confidence to eat a raw vegan diet on my own, this cleanse gave me the structure and guidance i needed to try it. it’s now over a week since the cleanse ended and i am still following the guidelines gena gave us. i can’t recommend this program highly enough.”

— Level 3 Cleanser


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