Back-To-School for Your Body

8 Aug

Here’s the thing about summer:  It’s waaay easier to fit fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet — sometimes, without really trying.  But it’s also way easier to fit in more BBQs, cook-outs, picnics, after-work cocktails, etc. So for many of us, by the end of the summer, our bodies need a break.

Sound familiar?

Enter the Spark! Wellness Reboot, a 5-day detox designed with YOU in mind.  Well, to be fair, it was originally designed by me and fellow health coach Andrea Moss so that we could gently detox a few times a year. But it worked so well that we decided to make it available to all. (Good thing, cause it was named one of the top three cleanses in NYC!)

When I said “detox,” I don’t mean one of those crazy diets where you have nothing but lemon juice and cayenne pepper or are hungry all the time. Au contraire. I, along with everyone else I know, really enjoy eating. So for this detox, that’s what we do: eat lots of whole, healthy foods. Your body (and your skinny jeans) will say thank you.

Don’t want to take my word for it?

“The reboot is a great way to restart your healthier eating patterns. It reminds me how well my body does with extra vegetables and less sugar and caffeine. I feel satisfied because there are three meals that involve real foods, not just juices. By the end of the reboot I’d lost 5 lbs.” - Spring 2011 Reboot Participant

So here’s the deal:

September 12 – 16


Never Rebooted with us before? Here’s what you can expect:

Our 5-day Reboot is a a gentle, guided 5-day cleanse. Benefits of a Reboot include:

    • Reducing inflammation in the body caused by hidden food allergies or sensitivities
    • Taking a break from addictive and toxic foods that are difficult to digest
    • Boosting your energy and taking your metabolism to the next level
    • Shedding unwanted “fluff” weight

Your 5-day Reboot includes:

  •  5 days of step-by-step instructions and online group support
  • A detailed Reboot packet that includes menus, grocery lists, and delicious, simple recipes
  • Ongoing expert support, so you’re never alone through your Reboot experience


  • “Food That Boost Your Mood” and “How to Ditch the Diet Mentality” teleclasses ($50 value)
  • Healthy Desserts recipe booklet for after the Reboot

RATE: Regularly $79

Your Price: $68 early bird special — if you book by August 29!

Former cleansers or former clients: $58 — if you book by August 29!


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