Friday Link Love

It’s been a busy week!  My mom is visiting, so we’ve been running around introducing her to Alex’s favorite spots.  While we’re checking exploring new playgrounds, here are a few fun things to check out:

Since having a baby, I’m very much into skincare, as I’m convinced the past 14 months have aged me 14 years.  I’m seriously considering switching over to Stark Skincare, which is all natural, vegan, and made in small batches. They’re all about the less is more concept, which is perfect for us busy moms  The AM/PM duo looks divine:  not only do the oils protect your skin, but they also contain aromatherapy scents to help rev up for the day and, later, unwind from it all.  Or, if you prefer one product that does it all, the Meadowfoam Everybody Oil promises to be a panacea for the entire body (and hair)… and can even be used to moisturize a baby!

Speaking of unwinding, who says that cooking a delicious meal can’t be relaxing!?  I really want to check out Sarah Britton’s new cookbook, My New Roots. The recipes look interesting but not too difficult, and filled with wholesome ingredients.  Double score!

Lastly, for you fellow expats, check out Les Lolos, a new website for pregnant women and mamans living in Paris. I especially enjoyed this article about the challenges of being an expat while raising a family. It’s a great resource for expats moms everywhere.

Have a great weekend!


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