What’s For Dinner? (Week of April 27, 2015)

Today we kick off a new series called, What’s for Dinner?. Each week, I’ll share a parent’s menu for their family dinners for the coming week. As the primary cook for my family, I find it easy to fall into a food rut.  I’m always on the lookout for tried-and-true meals that work for other families.  I hope you find the same inspiration in these menus that I do!

This week my good friend Courtney Recht-Debreuille shares what she plans to serve for dinner this week.  She is a fellow expat living in Lyon, where she tries to combine her American roots with her husband’s French heritage to bring balanced meals to the table that even satiate her 18-month-old daughter, Victoria.  Courtney is a wonderful cook and also loves to craft.  Check our her latest creations on her blog.

Courtney’s Family Food Philosophy:  Our philosophy is definitely shaped by the French influence of eating a little bit of everything, but not too much. I try to have fruits, veggies and a milk product present at most meals. We live in France where food is a religion, so we don’t starve ourselves of the things we like about living here – good cheese, pates, croissants, tarts, etc… but we don’t eat it all the time either. It’s important for me to instill a positive relationship with food for my daughter where she doesn’t go through life thinking a baguette is an evil carbohydrate or that having a piece of a tart au praline is going to make her fat.

What inspired this week’s menu?  I try to make my dinner menus so that I have leftovers to feed my daughter for lunch the next day. We don’t eat a lot of meat or fish so I’m trying to get better about bringing that to the dinner table more. My menu this week was inspired by a load of cabbage I have in the fridge (we ate this salad a lot last week), along with the fact that my daughter is coming back from a vacation with her grandparents, so I needed to think of things she would enjoy eating too.

So what’s on the menu?

Monday: Salmon with coconut rice and spinach
Tuesday: Cabbage with lardons in a mustard vinaigrette and poached egg
Wednesday: Lamb meatballs with a spicy yogurt sauce {via Design*Sponge}
Thursday: Baked penne with roasted veggies {via Giada diLaurentis}

Friday:  Mom’s night out for me; leftovers from Thursday night for my husband

Bon appetit!


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