An Elixir for A More Balanced Life?

Ever since giving birth, I’ve felt unbalanced. Towards the beginning, everything was crazy:  I couldn’t figure out how to organize my time; how to eat in a balanced way; how to find the real ME hiding deep down. As time has passed, it’s gotten a lot better.  Still, there’s always a bit off unbalancedness lurking in the background.  As much as I try to dedicate time to myself, off-balance has become the new normal.

Since moving to France, I’ve begun to try more homeopathic remedies, which are much more accepted as part of the mainstream medical system here.  They’re prescribed routinely for various ailments, especially during pregnancy and breastfeeding when most medications aren’t advised.  And they work:  earlier this year, I used homeopathic remedies to successfully conquer my fear of flying + ward off panic attacks on planes. Having tried everything else, I was amazed it worked.

fleurs de bach

While researching another project, I came across the homeopathic elixirs from Les Fleurs de Bach (Bach Flowers).  I know the brand from their famous Rescue Remedy, which is widely available in Europe and North America.  Turns out that they also sell 38 plant-based remedies with names like Genetian and Wild Rose and Crab Apple.  Do I need more crab apple in my life!?

I went to their website to investigate and found not only an in-depth listing of each remedy, but also an online questionnaire that recommends which could be of use to you. For example, Wild Oat can help you make important decisions and Honeysuckle can help you let go of the past.

Sounds cool, right? I took the questionnaire and was presented with 7 remedies that could be combined to help me find emotional balance and stability. I was curious, so strong-armed by husband to also take the questionnaire to see if the results varied. They did–and were eerily correct for both of us.

I decided to take the homeopathic plunge and ordered a customized elixir with my 7 remedies. (For the record, they’re Hornbeam, Genetian, Wild Oat, Olive, Wild Rose, Impatiens, and Beech). It arrived today and I’m excited to try it… I’m hopeful it will help restore a sense of balance in this crazy, busy life.

I’ll report back in a month.  In the meantime, have you had success with homeopathy?


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