What’s for Dinner? Week of June 22, 2015

What’s for Dinner is a series dedicated to what real-life families eat.  Each week, a parent shares his or her menus for the week and talks about the food philosophy behind it.

This week we hear from Lucile, a Parisian lawyer who lives in the 11th arrondissement with her partner (a chef!) and 3-year-old daughter, Philippine.  She typically doesn’t plan her meals far in advance–and relies on that week’s market produce for inspiration–but made an exception for us.  Merci, Lucile!

Lucile’s Family Food Philosophy:  I am really bad at cooking proper food. I find it much more exciting to bake cakes, make my own jam or cosmetics! What’s more, Alex is a professional cook, so I rely on his science to dine really well twice a week (he works most night of the week)! I also take into account that Philippine and I have an opportunity to eat healthily every day at our respective cafeterias (at school and at work), so when I come back from work with a starving and exhausted three-year-old, I go straight to the most simple recipes.

I hardly cook meat or fish; sometimes on Monday, when we bought some on Sunday at the market (we do not buy meat in the supermarket, except, occasionally ham, lardons, smoked herring or organic salmon).
I try to prepare as many vegetables as possible, as it is hard to have Philippine eat something else than pasta… Ready-to-serve meals don’t exist in our fridge/freezer, apart from fresh pasta or pate feuilletée.

What inspired this week’s menu?  We had a lot of soup this winter. Philippine eats it very well (as long as it’s in a Mickey Mouse mug with a straw…). It’s getting a little bit more complicated now that I feel like eating raw vegetables that she won’t even want to try… So we entered into a season when we won’t necessarily have the same menu as before.

So what’s for dinner?

Monday : Poached cod with carrot fingers either raw or steamed
Tuesday: Zucchini soup with white rice
Wednesday: Alphabet soup for the little one, while I’ll have a fennel salad:  just very thinly sliced fennel  with lemon juice, olive oil and salt + bread and cheese, bien sûr!
Thursday: Quiche lorraine with salad
Friday: Alex cooks, so I’m off duty! (but if I had to cook, it would be a potato salad, with smoked herring and thinly sliced gherkins/pickles, carrots and shallots).

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