What’s for Dinner?: Week of September 14, 2015

What’s for Dinner is a series dedicated to what real-life families eat.  Each week, a parent shares his or her menus for the week and talks about the food philosophy behind it.  Want to read more? Check out our WFD archives.

This week we hear from Cheryl, who lives in Washington, DC with her husband, Marc, and 20-month son, Dylan.  (She’s also 20 weeks pregnant!)  She says: I am a quintessential yuppie.  I work as an energy lawyer at a law firm and live right downtown.  We walk and take the metro everywhere.  In my semblance of spare time, I keep a blog following Dylan’s exploits: www.themightymightyaarons.com.

Cheryl’s Family Food Philosophy:
We have quite a few dietary restrictions in our family, and this dictates what’s on the menu and (generally) makes the three of us pretty healthy.  I am kosher – meaning no pork products, no shellfish and no eating meat / dairy products in the same meal.  I also choose not to eat red meat.  Dylan’s diet is the same as mine.  My husband has high cholesterol, so he follows a low cholesterol diet that is coincidentally very close to my diet (we will be revisiting what he eats since recent studies show dietary cholesterol is not tied to blood cholesterol).  We also try to eat organic, in-season and not processed where possible.

On top of all this, we have very little time to cook and frequently end up having 3 separate meals for the 3 of us… not exactly role models in that department!  We are working on it.  Marc relies on a paleo-friendly meal delivery service, I frequently eat eggs with veggies and cheese, a salad or an Amy’s frozen dinner, and then Dylan gets the home-cooked (or sometimes microwaved) meal.  We are lucky in that Dylan loves fish and vegetables, and hasn’t developed a sweet tooth just yet.  We are unlucky in that he recently became obsessed with Legos and doesn’t want to make time for eating.
What inspired this week’s menu?
I hesitate to call it a “menu.”  My main focus with dinner is ensuring that Dylan gets enough protein, because many of his other meals are vegetarian.  I also try to vary what he eats, particularly including vegetables, so that we’re not constantly relying on his favorites (which happen to be broccoli and avocado).  I tried Blue Apron for the first time this week – it took up far more time than I realized. Won’t be doing that again!
So what’s for dinner?
Dylan’s dinner menu:

Monday:  Hummus, Asian-style broccoli, chick peas, cheddar cheese cubes, organic jarred applesauce (this was one of those days where we were pulling out absolutely anything Dylan would eat)

Tuesday:  Blue Apron stir-fried salmon, green bean salad and roasted potatoes

Wednesday:  Homemade turkey meat sauce with whole grain pasta, stir-fried broccoli

Thursday:  leftover Blue Apron

Friday:  Applegate Farms chicken nuggets, oven-baked sweet potatoes, chickpeas, couscous

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