What’s for Dinner?: Week of September 21, 2015

What’s for Dinner is a series dedicated to what real-life families eat.  Each week, a parent shares his or her menus for the week and talks about the food philosophy behind it.  Want to read more?  Check out our WFD archives.

This week we hear from Emma, an attorney living in San Francisco with her husband, Jason, and their toddler. Despite a busy workweek, they manage to eat healthfully and my hope is that I’ll soon be invited over for taco night!

Emma’s Family Food Philosophy:  We try to keep our meals as healthy as possible.  Jason tries to stick with a plant-based diet, whereas I like a lot of protein.  Hunter’s preference is always a carbohydrate with cheese (i.e., pizza, pasta, grilled cheese, baked potato with shredded cheese on top, quesadillas) but he does like most veggies and we really don’t try to hide them.  Broccoli = Trees! Tomatoes he calls potatoes.  He also loves pretty much all fruit, which is helpful! We try to stick to organic produce and meats whenever possible.  Often we do our grocery shopping via Instacart (basically a personal grocery shopper who gets your list and goes to Whole Foods (or a number of different stores) to buy everything for about $4 delivery fee.  It’s an amazing way to save time and stress while still getting what you need!)  Because Jason and I both work, we are often exhausted at the end of the day, which means keeping dinners simple.  We always make enough so what we have for dinner will be Hunter’s lunch the next day.

What inspired this week’s menu? 

This week’s menu was inspired by a tired mamma who has 15 hours of work to do a day and husband on business in Hong Kong from last Friday through this Friday!

So what’s for dinner?

Monday: Homemade turkey meatballs (organic, free range lean turkey breast) with sautéed carrots and organic brown rice

Tuesday: Organic chicken breast, chopped and sautéed with onions, chicken broth, a little parmesan, Italian seasoning and salt, with a ton of spinach mixed in right before serving over brown rice with a side of steamed organic green beans

Wednesday: Gnocchi (from Trader Joe’s) with broccoli and a homemade cheese sauce

Thursday:  Taco night! Lean organic ground beef with a Whole Foods taco seasoning packet mixed in; homemade guacamole, freshly made pico de gallo (my own interpretation, basically organic cherry tomatoes chopped up with cilantro and onion, olive oil, red wine vinegar and cilantro) and shredded organic cheddar cheese

Friday:  Pizza night – we order in from a local pizza place, usually a margherita pie and a sausage, black olives and spinach pie, because we are beat at the end of a long week and Hunter LOVES pizza!

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