A Review of Stark Skincare


A few months ago, I got skeeved out by the unpronounce-able ingredients in my skincare and decided to go all natural, all organic, all real.  Around the same time, I read a glowing review of Stark Skincare and decided to try out some of their products.

I’m so happy that I did.  Stark is everything I’ve always wanted in skincare, and more. From their website:

We are the new standard of skincare. Since early 2012, we have been using a “slow-apothecary” process to create every product by hand in micro-batches.

We source our ingredients from companies who use only ethical practices in line with our own. We use no fillers, nothing synthetic, and formulate and test everything in-house. We choose our ingredients for their effectiveness, for their high reputation in skincare formulations, for their purity, and frankly, because the ingredients excite us.

After browsing their (very informative) website, I ordered three products:

Grapefruit Cleanse + Hydrate Balm:   My favorite product of the bunch.  The first thing I noticed upon opening the jar is how amazing it smells. Light citrus notes with a hint of rosemary.  It works as a makeup remover, cleanser and (optional) moisturizer.  Three-in-one!

The balm is a suitable cleanser for most skin types and the website advises several ways of applying it. I massage it into my face and then rinse it with warm water and wipe clean with a dry washcloth. My skin feels clean, but not tight, and I’ve been rocking more dewy, glow-y skin since I started using it.

Cyprus Purity + Defense Oil:  A blend of 5 plant oils that decongest the skin. I’ve been happily using this as my moisturizer for about two months.  It’s light, absorbs quickly and smells divine.  My husband, who has oilier skin, also uses it and it works well on both our skin types.  For the colder, drier winter, I think I’ll upgrade to the Neroli Midnight Oil.

Meadowfoam The Everybody Oil:   A light blend of oils that absorbs quickly.  It can be used on adults, kids, babies, baby bumps, hair… really, on anything.  I found it a bit heavy for the summer, but think it’ll be perfect for the winter.  It’s my least favorite of the three products, but I’ve been using it on my toddler’s skin after baths and he seems to like it!

Overall, I’ve been very impressed by all the Stark products and will be buying them again.  They are on the pricey side, but since they’re oil-based, you don’t need to use a lot each time and they last a while. Plus, you can feel good about the fact that you’re putting all natural ingredients on your skin.

Have you tried Stark Skincare?  Let me know what you think!


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