Reboot: Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the deal with eating fruit during the cleanse?

Fruits are definitely a healthy option BUT while cleansing we recommend you limit them to just one serving per day. During the Reboot, we’re going to take a break from eating too many sugars, natural or otherwise — this will help curb cravings and balance out blood sugar levels.
As you’ll see in the Reboot packet, almost all of the breakfast options include either berries ( (which are quite low on the glycemic index) or half a banana.  Try to keep it at that and see how you feel!
I don’t see oatmeal listed in the breakfast options.  Why?
Oats (even gluten-free or steel cut) can can cause sensitivity in many people. So to keep things as clean as (relatively) possible, we recommend sticking with the breakfast porridge suggestions (or the smoothies/brown rice toast/seed cereal).


Can I have sparkling water/seltzer during the Reboot?

Seltzer as a treat throughout the cleanse is just fine, but we recommend having the majority of your water intake come from non-carbonated water. Carbonated beverages can make you feel bloated (no fun!) and, if you suffer from acid reflux, can exacerbate the problem.  That being said, the most important thing is to stay hydrated.

Is sushi appropriate for the Reboot?

Yes, sushi with brown rice can be a good choice during the Reboot! However, keep in mind that soy sauce contains gluten (it has wheat in it) and many sushi rolls can contain hidden sources of wheat, too (“spicy mayo” often contains gluten, as does the “crunchy” stuff in any kind of crunchy roll).
So, as long as you can get high quality fish (or veggies) simply prepared with brown rice, and you either use a gluten-free tamari/soy sauce or – our personal favorite – coconut aminos as your dipping sauce, then it’s good to go!