“Working with Hadley has been an enlightening and motivating experience. She provides the perfect amount of active listening, support, guidance, and constructive suggestion to enable me to explore my concerns and find solutions. Working with her has helped me feel confident that I can reach my goals and has provided me with tools to get there.”

– Elizabeth, New York City

“I met Hadley at the very beginning of my recovery from a long and torturous eating disorder.  She was … hands down … an invaluable tool in my recovery.  In fact, I know I would not be where I am now without her reassuring, non-judgmental voice of reason and love.  She has the rare mix of knowledge and understanding that makes her a one-of-a-kind expert.  I value her opinion and think that for anyone looking for a more positive relationship with food and yourself, Hadley is your girl.”

-Erica, Virginia

“Working with Hadley has been a learning curve that helped me better understand who I am and what I want to accomplish. Her advice and her attention & dedication to me as a whole person have made a huge difference on my confidence level, both my perception of myself and “the outside”. I felt empowered after each session and every time a little more. Really a great experience.”

– Federica,  New Jersey

“In the time I spent with Hadley, I made significant progress in my recovery from my eating disorder. Hadley is a great listener, extremely patient and has a strong knowledge of nutrition and exercise. She helped me set small achievable goals which addressed my fears of breaking away from my rigid routines with eating and exercise.”

– Molly, Ohio

“Like most women, I have a lot on my plate: children, husband, family, dogs, home, and a business to run. I often find myself getting caught up in the moment and not taking the time to live and eat consciously. Talking with Hadley helped me ‘get a grip’ and focus on the power of taking care of myself.”

– Chris, Florida

“My battle with my weight has been going on most of my life. I’ve tried everything, every diet, every book, everything I could get my hands on to lose the weight but all I got out of it was an immense fear of food. Working with Hadley has allowed me to explore the wide range of foods that I’d been avoiding in an atmosphere of safety and support. If you would have told me six months ago that I would be eating kale and loving it, I would have said you were crazy. I can’t thank Hadley, and the program she works with enough. I lost 40 lbs!”

–Christina,  New York City

“Talking with Hadley was so easy to do and I got to process some subtle ideas that had been getting in the way of taking better care of myself. I learned so much about good foods! Even though I thought I knew quite a bit, Hadley taught me more — grains, food energy, and my own body type were all a big help in getting me going. I feel great and I lost 8 lbs!”

-Buffy, Virginia

“After working with Hadley, I have a much better understanding now of what it means to treat my body well — why it is important to do so and the numerous ways it can be accomplished. It is much more important for be to be in touch with my body and mind… I’m beginning to feel connected to them in ways I hadn’t before.”

– Sara, New York City

“Seven months ago, I decided I need to make real change in my life. I was working long hours, stressed out, irritable, moody, and always tired. During my consultation with Hadley, I felt a connection from the start because she understood me and where I was coming from. Throughout the six months we worked together, I enjoyed every session and learned a tremendous amount. Today, I am more peaceful, full of energy, and love to cook!”

– Marianne, New York City

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